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Get better insights from your data
Information from customers isn’t always clear. Infrastructure data can be overwhelming. Daupler AI’s proprietary algorithm analyzes data from customer reports and sensors to help utilities and public works organizations quickly evaluate issues in their service area. They can then inform the right people at the right time with the right information.
Simplify processes
Daupler AI includes an interface that equips customer service and dispatch centers to gather the right information. It can be configured to match your operating procedures, sending service requests or emergencies to people based on your rules. It shares pertinent information with crew members automatically. And it can automate documentation, reducing manual data entry.
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Daupler AI

Discover the benefits and features of Daupler AI, the proprietary technology behind Daupler's response management system.
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“When there’s an outage and 50 customers are out of power … we saw a lot of calls coming in. We called Daupler. Within a couple of days, they launched an event function. Once we have so many calls in a certain area, that becomes an event and no more calls go to the initial responder. That really frees them so they can focus on safety and additional crew and materials they're going to need once they get there. And it just makes a better process for that initial responder.”

Learn more about how Daupler AI can solve some of your response pain points.

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