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Simplify your mass notification process

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During planned maintenance or emergency activity, proactive customer communication keeps customers informed and reduces call volume. Daupler Notify is an easy-to-use mass notification solution that fits into every budget.

Simplify the send process
With Daupler Notify, simply choose a district, zone, or draw a polygon. Enter the customer message and click send. The system will send a text or recorded voice message based on whether the customer contact number is a mobile number or landline.
Ensure fast and accurate delivery
Messages contain fail-safes to ensure delivery. If delivery fails on the first attempt, follow-up messages are sent at no additional cost. If the number is disconnected, a manager will be notified.
Engage customers    
Customers can opt to receive a link to track the status of a project. They can also use the link to upload photos and notes that could be helpful to your crews.
Avoid overage fees
Transparent fee structures are important for budget planning. Daupler Notify is based on a flat fee to give service providers peace of mind, knowing they won’t run up a high bill by sending critical information to customers.
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“Daupler was able to capture the hundreds of calls and get a record of the reporting party much, much faster than we would have been able to... I was able to use Daupler to send text messages out to those residents that opted in.”

Discover how Daupler can help your organization keep customers up-to-date