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Reduce response management costs

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Identify overtime trends    
Daupler RMS incident documentation capabilities provide insights into overtime costs. Many organizations have discovered opportunities to update processes that result in less overtime. In some cases, Daupler RMS has enabled organizations to identify and eliminate fraudulent overtime claims.
Minimize unnecessary overtime
Daupler RMS helps determine if an incident needs to be addressed immediately or can wait until the next business day. It also provides tools, such as automated callout, to accelerate incident response. These capabilities can reduce overtime costs.
Update information without technical support
Organizations can easily add and change their team member profiles, skills, schedules, escalation trees, and more within Daupler’s response management platform. There is no need to engage Daupler for these changes nor will any change fees be incurred.
Avoid hidden or tiered fees    
A flat fee pricing model is offered to each organization to ensure transparency and reliability for budget planning. Daupler works with organizations to establish the functionality and pricing that fits their needs. Users of the Daupler platform do not see higher bills or premium fees after sending customers critical information.            
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“Daupler came in and in the first year, I think it cut our overtime budget by about a third right off the bat, just because we were able to see where our costs were going and how people were spending their time.”

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