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Simplify team formation with automated Daupler Callout

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Daupler Callout automates roster callouts when an incident occurs, reducing crew formation time to a fraction of what it can take with manual processes. This accelerates response and minimizes incident risks. Daupler’s system ensures all callout procedures are followed, including existing labor contracts and policies.

Adding team members and their skills
Streamline team administration
Daupler’s response management system makes it easy to add and modify team member profiles, skills, groups, schedules, and escalation trees without any technical support. Callout protocols and union contract terms can be incorporated into the system, ensuring the process meets any compliance requirements. The system will also document all related details during each callout, including notification time, acknowledgement, and confirmed deployment.
Save time with automation
When a response team needs to be formed, the on-call person can choose the groups or skills required for an incident. Using the personnel profiles in the system, Daupler Callout automatically calls team members based on the resources needed, the scheduling and contract rules, and availability. Once the necessary team is formed, the system syncs the information with the incident report, so all response activities and communication are appropriately coordinated.    
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Daupler Callout

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"Forming an on-call team used to require supervisors to take home an on-call list and call each person by level of seniority, per our labor union agreement, giving five minutes for each person to respond before calling the next. Daupler automated this process completely. Lifts a huge weight off of our supervisors."

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