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Response solutions for larger utilities, public works, and other service organizations

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Large organizations with complex systems, procedures, or team structures often experience unique incident response challenges. Daupler RMS can help these organizations simplify and optimize response capabilities by aggregating data from different systems. By centralizing information, incidents can be verified by multiple sources, certain procedures can be automated, and response activities are more visible across the organization.

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Centralize incident and response data
Incident data may be stored in a wide range of information systems, including but not limited to Meter Data Management systems (MDMs), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Customer Information Systems (CIS), work order or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and others. Daupler RMS aggregates data from these systems to provide a comprehensive view of every incident. It can also integrate with each information system to reduce manual and duplicate data entry.    
Tailor response protocols    
Incorporate organization-specific procedures into Daupler RMS to make them easier to reference and automate where possible. Daupler RMS can utilize an organization’s prioritization criteria to help staff classify calls and dispatch resources accordingly. By automating callout procedures, response times can be accelerated while complying with union contract requirements and internal policies.
Extend quality customer service to after-hours    
Customer service teams work hard to build trust and exceed customer expectations. Daupler Answering ensures quality customer service continues after-hours with highly trained call center staff. After-hours staff use Daupler RMS to follow procedures specific to each organization’s customer service and incident notification protocols.        


How can you help your community?

Whether your focus is on responding faster, improving communications with customers, doing more with a smaller budget, or getting better insights from your data, Daupler's technology can help.

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Manage after-hours calls

After-hours calls can mean the on-call person in smaller organizations and communities never gets to truly disconnect. Daupler’s call centers can take these calls, send on the ones that need immediate attention, and document the rest for the next day.

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Save money

Organizations often allocate significant funds for overtime but have a hard time auditing or reducing overtime spend. Daupler RMS increases visibility into incident resource management and reduces unnecessary callouts.

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Centralize data

Many utilities and public works agencies are overwhelmed with data. Daupler RMS interfaces with multiple information systems to help identify when and where issues are occurring, and whom they’re impacting.

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Keep crews safe

Response crews frequently encounter dangerous situations when working with critical infrastructure. Daupler logs site arrival times and crew check-ins to help ensure crews make it back safely.

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Drive customer engagement

With Daupler Engage, customers can submit photos and notes to better inform response teams. They can also track the progress of service requests or incidents online, minimizing unnecessary callbacks.

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Notify customers

Efficiently send mass notifications via text, email, or phone. Daupler's flat fee pricing structure lets you send critical information to customers without worrying about high bills.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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Accelerate dispatch

Eliminate dispatch delays and inefficiencies. Daupler helps your team collect the right information from customers, share that information with the right crew members, and automate callouts and documentation.

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“We have seen a significant reduction in callouts (estimated 75% reduction) as a result of Daupler. Also, Daupler has documented all emergency work performed.”

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