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Public works, utilities, and other service providers across North America are using Daupler to remove pain points from their response processes. With Daupler, their communities spend less time without services and more time enjoying healthy and safe conditions. Isn’t it time we wrote your success story?



Shifting after-hours dispatch from the plant

St. Peters turned to daupler to manage after-hours dispatch to improve customer service and keep operators focused on their main roles.


Increased efficiency in the City of Durham, NC

The Daupler team was able to customize and implement a solution for the City within days. In the first month, Daupler cut their overtime hours in half, and our software continues to save the City of Durham $200,000 annually.




Improving customer service for Berea Municipal Utilities

Whether their questions are related to billing or an outage, customers want answers and fixes. Berea Municipal Utilities uses Daupler to respond faster, to share information with customers and team members, and to ensure calls and incidents don’t get lost.



Improved transparency in the City of Oakland, CA

In the City of Oakland, after-hours incidents were costly and complicated, requiring manual call lists and chasing down missing information from closed offices.

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