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Daupler and Overton Power District No. 5

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Overton Power District No. 5 (OPD5) used to use a traditional call center to take customer calls and process requests for service. The call center was low tech and high cost, causing delays and charging on a per-call basis. There were delays in getting information to the crews, and customers were frustrated about the amount of time it was taking to resolve issues. The problems escalated during larger power failures, when a flood of customers would call in.

OPD5 decided to partner with Daupler to help control costs and keep customers in the loop. With the implementation of Daupler RMS, they saw performance improvements across the board. The previous gap between the time a customer reported an issue to the time the crew received shrank from up to 45 minutes to just a few minutes. Crew members spend less time on the phone, and customers are more confident that their lights will be back on quickly.

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We were getting calls from [our old call center] a half hour or 45 minutes after the customer had called in, which reflected very negatively on us. Our responsiveness and our ability to move on our calls and on outages has increased exponentially with Daupler.
Daupler and Overton Power District No. 5

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Success Story: OPD5

Learn how OPD5 partnered with Daupler to replace their traditional call center and serve customers better.

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