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Manage after-hours and overflow calls with Daupler Answering

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Route after-hours calls to Daupler call centers
Daupler’s call centers enable organizations to extend quality customer service to after-hours and overflow support. Call center staff are trained to manage inbound calls from utilities and all types of service organizations. All calls are documented based on an organization’s standards and protocols. Daupler Answering services are available for a flat fee with no premium charges for holidays or high-volume response times.
Streamline after-hours dispatch for emergencies    
Daupler Answering integrates with Daupler’s response management platform, Daupler RMS, to coordinate dispatch activities and share information with staff in easy-to-use incident reports. This seamless communication between call center and dispatch improves response outcomes and customer experience. Non-urgent calls are documented in the system for staff to reference during normal business hours.
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Learn more about Daupler's after-hours answering services for utilities, public works, and other service organizations.
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"I’m not answering the phone 24/7 anymore. I used to carry a phone for 10 years, whether on vacation or the middle of the night, and I had to answer it… I feel like I have a little bit of my life back."

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