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Ensure fast and accurate delivery
Messages aren’t helpful to customers unless they are delivered. Daupler Notify contains fail-safes to ensure communications are successfully delivered. If delivery fails on the first attempt, follow-up messages are sent at no additional cost. If a contact phone number is identified as a landline, an automated voice recording is left instead of a text. If a phone number is disconnected, a manager will be notified.
Customize communications easily
Daupler Notify’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create tailored messages and notification groups based on location and criticality. Specify which customers need to be notified by drawing a map boundary or selecting a pre-designated zone or district in the service area. A unique message can then be easily created and sent to anyone within the established boundary. Daupler’s flat pricing structure eliminates hidden fees and overages, giving service providers peace of mind during critical communication events.
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"Daupler was able to capture the hundreds of calls and get a record of the reporting party much, much faster than we would have been able to... I was able to use Daupler...

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