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Keep crews safe with location technology and communication tools

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Know when crew members are on site
Daupler RMS can use vehicle or smartphone GPS to automatically document site arrival and departure times.  If GPS isn’t an option, crew members can simply touch a button on their smartphone to confirm when they arrive or leave.
Monitor crew status
With the touch of a button on a mobile device, field crews can send status updates or check-in at established intervals according to job site safety protocols. If the check-ins are not received, Daupler RMS alerts appropriate personnel to contact the crew or respond in accordance with safety procedures.    
Receive real-time job updates
Monitor job status and get notifications about progress, delays, and completion. This enables timely communication with customers, stakeholders, and service partners who may be coordinating co-located work. It also allows dispatch to quickly reallocate resources as needed.

Discover how Daupler can help you keep your crews safe