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Empower dispatch teams to quickly manage public works and utilities calls.

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Public safety access points (PSAPs) and dispatch centers are often required to maintain high service levels. This can be challenging when non-emergency calls require significant bandwidth. Daupler helps teams hand off public works and utilities calls faster to ensure capacity for emergency call management.

Simplify public works/utilities dispatch
Daupler Dispatch Assist makes it easy to capture public works and utilities call information with a simple digital form. The software analyzes the call information to help the dispatcher route the incident information to appropriate personnel. It also streamlines handoffs based on protocols and contact details embedded in the system.
Enhance team performance      
Training new personnel and helping teams meet performance goals is made easier by building dispatch processes and rules into the platform. Intuitive forms and notification steps minimize how much information staff needs to remember to effectively manage calls.
Access real-time incident information
If a public works or utilities organization also uses Daupler's response management system (Daupler RMS), dispatchers can see the latest information for reported incidents. This reduces the time required to get the latest information if a customer or emergency responder requests an update.
Improve customer satisfaction
Customers and community stakeholders expect clear communication, accurate information, and quick resolution when services are disrupted. Daupler's software for PSAPs and dispatch centers makes it easy to route public works and utilities calls, including utility locates. This helps resolve those issues faster while keeping lines open for public safety emergencies.
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"The ability to have the calls screened has reduced the number of calls. We have a methodology to track the number of after-hours calls we receive, and the ability to keep track of how many hours the guys are actually spending in the field—nights and weekends.  Generally, really pleased with the system."

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