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Aggregate data and build insights with Daupler RMS

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Identify issues faster
When organizations have multiple reports coming in from different sources, it can be overwhelming to process the information and extract useful insights. Daupler AI helps to quickly analyze and classify the data so necessary actions can be taken in a timely manner.
Create a comprehensive view of each incident
Daupler RMS sits at the center of existing information systems and combines data into a comprehensive view. For example, data from customers can be combined with GIS, billing systems, or infrastructure alerts. This provides response teams with all the information needed to respond efficiently.
Reduce manual data entry
Systems integrations can dramatically reduce manual and duplicate data entry. This frees up staff to focus on more important tasks and reduces opportunities for error.
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“Daupler was able to integrate quickly and seamlessly with our Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and our CRM is integrated with Lucity. So all of these calls, ‘I need my street plowed,’ ‘I need my salt,’ … once Daupler introduces them into the CRM, they go directly to the Street Department. It saves us so much time.”

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