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Information is power, especially when effective analytical tools are involved. Daupler Analytics uses incident data to provide valuable insights about system health and response capabilities. Daupler’s data analysis tools can help organizations prioritize infrastructure projects, evaluate response performance, and identify improvement or optimization opportunities.      

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Evaluate team performance
Daupler Analytics can help organizations set and monitor goals or mandated requirements with greater granularity by assessing performance at a department or individual level. Useful metrics might include response times, seasonal incident trends, or improvements after a repair. The insights provided by Daupler Analytics are useful for identifying improvement opportunities and sharing successes with internal or external stakeholders.
Identify incident clusters
Daupler Analytics can generate heat maps to visualize patterns in incident types, locations, and times. This data is useful for prioritizing system maintenance and repairs to prevent future incidents.
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Daupler Analytics

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“Daupler allows us to track statistics on the back end as far as what kind of calls we’re receiving and what kind of calls we’re responding to. It has a highly detailed management tools for after-hours calls.”

Discover the insights Daupler Analytics can provide from incident data. 

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