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Response management solutions for water utilities

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Respond smarter to water system issues, from quality complaints to water main breaks. Daupler provides water utility software to optimize response management throughout the process – from the moment an issue arises through resolution.

Increase efficiency
Issues all need to be tracked, but they don’t need to be treated equally. Daupler’s incident response software helps identify the type and severity of each report and request, so organizations know how quickly they need to respond and whom to send.
Accelerate response
Daupler’s automated callout module eliminates manual calling trees and ensures any seniority, overtime, or union rules are followed. The platform also equips crews with the information they need to respond quickly.
Reduce paperwork and improve data
Daupler can automatically collect and upload data to a work order system to minimize manual data entry. We integrate with every major CMMS to reduce paperwork and eliminate errors or incomplete data.
Increase customer satisfaction
With Daupler’s customer engagement tools for utilities, customers can upload photos and notes, so your crews are better informed when they arrive. Customers can also track the progress of their request online, reducing callbacks and wait times.

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Municipal water utilities, water districts, and other water organizations use Daupler to save costs, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

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Accelerate dispatch

Eliminate dispatch delays and inefficiencies. Daupler helps your team collect the right information from customers, share that information with the right crew members, and automate callouts and documentation.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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Drive customer engagement

With Daupler Engage, customers can submit photos and notes to better inform response teams. They can also track the progress of service requests or incidents online, minimizing unnecessary callbacks.

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Centralize data

Many utilities and public works agencies are overwhelmed with data. Daupler RMS interfaces with multiple information systems to help identify when and where issues are occurring, and whom they’re impacting.

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“We use Daupler for things like water main breaks, water turn-on or turn-offs, and sewer issues. It documents our work, makes our response process easier, and helps us respond faster. Now I get accurate reporting and don’t have to chase anyone down for more information.”

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