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Response management systems for electric utilities

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Daupler’s callout and incident management solutions provide the tools you need to respond to outages and service interruptions quickly while keeping customers informed.

Classify and locate issues quickly
When you receive multiple calls and data alerts, Daupler's response management software can identify which contain critical information and where to send crews. The platform can also recognize duplicate or related issues and group them to enable a coordinated response.
Enhance call center team performance
Daupler provides tools that help call center teams, particularly new staff, classify calls by type and severity. The platform also stores process rules to help call center staff get the right information to the right people. Daupler can manage after-hours calls if a provider does not have 24x7 coverage.
Update customers and reduce callbacks
Customers can submit reports and requests through the customer portal, along with photos to help crews better understand the problem. The portal allows customers to track the status of a service issue from start to finish. Providers can also proactively send power outage notifications to customers, which helps reduce call volumes.
Document incident data automatically
Daupler RMS can automatically track inbound reports, service restoration times by service area, average service outage duration, frequency of outages, and other information that may be required by regulators and other stakeholders.

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Municipal electric utilities, electric cooperatives, and investor owned utilities use Daupler to improve safety, response, customer communications, and more.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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Accelerate dispatch

Eliminate dispatch delays and inefficiencies. Daupler helps your team collect the right information from customers, share that information with the right crew members, and automate callouts and documentation.

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Keep crews safe

Response crews frequently encounter dangerous situations when working with critical infrastructure. Daupler logs site arrival times and crew check-ins to help ensure crews make it back safely.

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Notify customers

Efficiently send mass notifications via text, email, or phone. Daupler's flat fee pricing structure lets you send critical information to customers without worrying about high bills.

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