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The Daupler Response Management System

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Daupler AI
Daupler AI is the foundation of Daupler RMS. This proprietary technology allows organizations to gather valuable insights from incident data while empowering staff and customers with web-based tools that make it easier to gather and share critical information. Daupler AI results in more efficient call management, dispatch, response coordination, and incident documentation.
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Daupler Answering
Many organizations use Daupler’s reliable answering service to manage after-hours or overflow calls. Daupler teams are trained in utilities and public services, so they can seamlessly serve as an extension of staff outside of regular operating hours.
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Daupler Callout
Daupler Callout automates roster callouts to ensure on-call staff are contacted at the right time and in the right order. Daupler Callout enables quick and easy crew assembly once schedules, skills, and escalation trees are saved in Daupler’s platform.
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Daupler Engage
Daupler Engage enables customers to send photos and detailed incident reports using a mobile app, web portal, or text message. It also allows customers to track response progress.
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Daupler Notify
Daupler’s mass notification solution facilitates efficient and accurate communication with customers for a flat fee during planned maintenance or emergency incidents.
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Event Detection
Event Detection facilitates a coordinated response when multiple calls or alarms are related to one incident. It reduces duplicate dispatches and allows callers to opt in to receive status updates related to ongoing response efforts.
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Daupler Analytics
Daupler’s analytics module takes the data from Daupler RMS and turns it into powerful insights. Incident heat maps help with maintenance planning, and team metrics identifies potential coaching opportunities.

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