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Increase customer satisfaction through engagement and communication

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Customer trust and confidence are paramount for utilities and public service providers. Daupler provides engagement tools to empower customers who want to be heard and informed. By giving customers effective channels of communication, organizations can manage the message from the beginning of an incident and minimize misinformation or frustration.

Accommodate customer communication preferences
With Daupler RMS, customers can share information about an issue via phone, email, text, web portal, or social media. Improve the flow and quality of critical incident information by giving customers the flexibility to communicate across their preferred platforms. Daupler RMS can use this information in any format for incident documentation and response coordination.
Provide transparency
With Daupler Engage, customers can track the status of an incident the same way they track deliveries. By monitoring response efforts, customers know what to expect once a service issue is identified. Daupler Engage also discourages imposter activity by telling customers when utility representatives are scheduled to arrive and who is scheduled for service visits.
Empower your customers to help    
Customers can submit incident information online, including photos and notes, using their mobile devices or computers. This allows for an objective assessment of the severity of the situation and enables more effective response from dispatch and field crews.
Notify customers proactively
Daupler’s mass notification provides easy-to-use notification tools that enable quick text or voice communication with customers, including automated follow up if contact isn’t made on the first attempt. This reduces call volume and allows customers to plan around scheduled service activity.

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