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Daupler Dispatch Assist reduces the time required to manage and dispatch utilities and public works calls, freeing up public service answering point (PSAP) resources for real emergencies.

Streamline public works calls
With Daupler Dispatch Assist, the dispatcher can enter a basic description, location, and contact information on a simple form, and the system takes care of the rest. Daupler’s proprietary technology determines which organization or contact should receive the information. It can even contact and escalate to the right people as needed automatically.
Maintain service levels
Keeping teams at full capacity is challenging, as is getting new team members up and running. Daupler Dispatch Assist helps teams continue to meet time-to-answer and other goals despite staffing shortages.  Using a software platform helps new staff follow processes more easily, and it enables call takers to pass off utilities and public works faster.

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Daupler Dispatch Assist

Learn more about the benefits of Daupler's tools for PSAPs and other dispatch centers that handle utilities and public works calls.
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“Moving from a manual process to transfer public works/utilities calls to Daupler Dispatch Assist was like night and day. We saw an immediate drastic reduction in call processing times for those calls. This way is so much better.”

Discover how Daupler Dispatch Assist can streamline 311 calls. 

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