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Enhance call center team performance
Daupler RMS helps call center staff collect and classify relevant information from customers. The platform allows staff to process calls more efficiently, reducing wait times and resulting in faster dispatch. It also helps new team members manage calls confidently and meet performance goals.
Enable data-driven service
Daupler RMS aggregates inputs, including photos and notes from customers, to provide a more comprehensive view of each incident. This gives crews the information they need to respond effectively. The platform also identifies related customer reports, facilitating coordinated response and communications efforts.
Extend service to after-hours callers
Daupler Answering offers a cost-effective option to extend quality customer service to after-hours calls. Daupler’s call center teams are trained to take utility, public works, and other service organization calls, and are available 24 x 7 x 365.
Update customers and reduce calls
Daupler provides tools to notify customers ahead of planned maintenance and keep them informed during unplanned events. Daupler’s portal allows customers to track the status of a service issue from start to finish. These solutions reduce customer service calls and give customers the accurate, real-time information they expect.
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“We don’t have to sit on the phone and write down anything. Daupler sends the information and address. You hit a button and make a service request for it, and it’s dispatched to the crew. It’s a lot better.”

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