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Case study: Switching from a traditional call center to save time and money

February 12, 2024


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Overton Power District #5 (OPD5) is a power utility serving a broad geography in Southeastern Nevada. Before implementing Daupler’s response management system, Daupler RMS, OPD5 used a traditional call center to take customer calls and process requests for service. The call center was low tech and high cost, causing delays and charging on a per-call basis.

A few challenges with their old call center:

  • The call center would call OPD5 staff to report customer issues rather than text or use an online system. OPD5 was charged for those calls.
  • Issues weren't reported quickly. There could be delays of 30 minutes over more in the transfer of information from the call center to OPD5 personnel.
  • OPD5 staff had to call the call center to request they stop sending over calls during an outage, and then had to call back to tell them to start sending calls again. They could be on hold for 15-20 minutes to get through the call center.
  • Customers were frustrated with hold times and resolution times.

How Daupler's solution helped:

  • OPD5 personnel are notified immediately of urgent issues. Non-urgent after-hours issues are documented for the next business day.
  • OPD5 personnel can access information on outages or other issues directly on their smartphones, eliminating errors and delays that can occur during phone tag with the old process.
  • Duplicate issues are grouped together, saving OPD5 from a flood of calls while still documenting them automatically.
  • During outages, callers are greeted with a message acknowledging the outage and given the option to receive updates via text. Over 90% of callers choose text.

Overall, customers don't have to sit on hold, and outages and other issues are resolved faster. OPD5 staff don't have to call the call center to turn service on and off. They have better documentation of calls, as well as response activity. Time to resolution is faster, and the costs of handling customer calls are significantly lower.

Download the full case study for additional details, including a specific example of how OPD5 benefited from Daupler RMS during an outage.

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