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Saving Christmas in Olympia Washington

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Olympia's public works department handles transportation, water resources (including drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and reclaimed water), fleet, traffic lights, streets, and more. Caroline Inions, Program Assistant in the department, helps ensure Olympia's Public Works crews have the information they need to meet their community's needs, no matter the time of day or day of year.

Before implementing Daupler, Caroline and team experienced a number of challenges related to dispatch, communications, collaboration, shutoff lists, and scheduling. This case study shares how Olympia Public Works and Daupler partnered to solve those challenges, and how they helped save Christmas for one employee.

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For me, why we chose Daupler was because of the technology. Being able to get on the computer and see what's going on. The record keeping. The ease for the guys to use it - just getting a notification on the phone. Just having everything there right in front of you.
Saving Christmas in Olympia Washington

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Success Story: Olympia, WA

Learn more details on the challenges Olympia, WA's public works department wanted to solve and how they partnered with Daupler to do so.

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