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Response management solutions for public works, streets, and highway crews

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Improve information from public reports      
Often the general public does not use industry-recognized terminology when describing problems in their community. Daupler's proprietary algorithm reduces the uncertainty around vague citizen reports and improves response capabilities. Daupler RMS can help municipal staff get the information they need, including photos, to deploy resources appropriate for the required response.
Engage citizens
Proactively notify citizens of public works, streets, and highway projects with Daupler’s intuitive notification system. Citizens can also track existing projects online and identify scheduled work in their community.
Reduce unnecessary costs
Prevent after-hours dispatches and the associated overtime costs for issues that can wait until the next business day. In addition, avoid union contract penalties by integrating union requirements in your callout process.
Gain insights from your data
Daupler RMS can automatically capture call details and response activities. These insights into team performance help to identify potential improvement and coaching opportunities. Incident heat maps also help to identify potential infrastructure areas that require attention.

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What do you want to achieve for your community?

Many public works departments use Daupler's response management software to improve communications with citizens, reduce overtime, and improve services. What pain points do you want to solve?

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Drive citizen engagement

With Daupler Engage, citizens can submit photos and notes to provide crews with valuable information. They can also track the progress of their request or incident online, eliminating unnecessary callbacks.

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Notify citizens

Easily let citizens know of planned or emergency work via text, email, or phone notifications. Our flat fee pricing structure lets you send critical information to citizens without worrying about high bills.

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Save money

Many local governments struggle to provide high levels of service within limited budgets. Daupler RMS provides visibility into time spent on incidents. It also reduces unnecessary callouts for non-emergency incidents.

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Centralize data

Public works agencies are overflowing with data. Daupler RMS sits in the middle of your data systems to help identify when and where issues are occurring, and whom they’re impacting.

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