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Response management for gas utilities

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When there’s a report of a potential gas leak or an infrastructure alarm, safety is the highest priority. Daupler’s advanced response and communications software provides teams with the tools they need to make intelligent and fast decisions.

Get there faster
Daupler’s roster callout tools reduce crew response times significantly while complying with internal protocols or union rules. Spatial dispatch capabilities identify staff proximity to incident locations to ensure the fastest response possible.
Keep customers safe
Expediting responses and alerting customers in impact areas are critical safety measures for gas service providers. Daupler’s easy-to-use mass notification tools enable quick text or voice communication with customers, including automated follow up if contact isn’t made on the first attempt.
Keep crews safe
Daupler RMS can automatically document crew arrival times at a service site, and an alert is sent if a status update is not provided within an established time frame. This feature improves personnel safety and enhances situational awareness during emergencies.
Simplify compliance and reporting
Daupler RMS can automatically document response data, making it easy to supply stakeholders such as executives, regulators, and state and federal agencies with compliance and safety metrics.

Related GOALS

What primary response pain points you would like to solve?

Gas utilities use Daupler to enhance safety, accelerate response, keep customers updated, and more.

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Accelerate dispatch

Eliminate dispatch delays and inefficiencies. Daupler helps your team collect the right information from customers, share that information with the right crew members, and automate callouts and documentation.

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Notify customers

Efficiently send mass notifications via text, email, or phone. Daupler's flat fee pricing structure lets you send critical information to customers without worrying about high bills.

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Keep crews safe

Response crews frequently encounter dangerous situations when working with critical infrastructure. Daupler logs site arrival times and crew check-ins to help ensure crews make it back safely.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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