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Response management for stormwater utilities

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Respond effectively
Quickly identify the degree of severity  and assemble crews with automated callout schedules and proximity data using Daupler’s spatial dispatch feature. Equip crews with the information they need to address the issue.    
Reduce damage
Daupler’s spatial dispatch and automated callout tools help crews access and clear blocked drains faster, reducing potential damage to property and the environment. By minimizing these impacts, costs related to property damage or compliance violations can be avoided.
Improve the quality of public reports
Give citizens the ability to send in photos when reporting a potential issue. This allows for an objective assessment of the severity of the situation and enables more effective response from dispatch and field crews.    
Map out your incidents
Daupler’s heat mapping tool will identify incident trends and provide data to inform system maintenance plans and capital investments.

Related GOALS

What do you want to achieve for your community?

Stormwater departments use Daupler to solve pain points associated with responding to storm drain blockages and other issues.

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Accelerate dispatch

Respond to storm drain blockages and other issues faster. Daupler equips responding crews with relevant information and automates callouts and documentation.

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Drive customer engagement

With Daupler Engage, customers can submit photos and notes to provide crews with valuable information. They can also track the progress of their request or incident online, eliminating unnecessary callbacks.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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“We know exactly what is going on and when. Daupler has been saving us a good amount of money, … even preventing illegitimate calls to eliminate false overtime hours. The crew picked up on how to use Daupler and what Daupler does quickly; making it an efficient process with good explanations. ”

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