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Daupler Launches New Tool to Simplify Calls for Dispatch and Call Centers

November 15, 2021


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KANSAS CITY, MO – NOVEMBER 15, 2021 – Daupler, Inc., a company leading the utilities and public works industry in innovative response management software, has launched a new solution for dispatch and call centers. This new tool, Daupler Dispatch, makes it easier for call takers to collect valuable information and assign service requests appropriately.

Call takers, particularly new team members or those that cover more than just utilities and public works, frequently struggle to get the information from callers that crews need to perform their work effectively. They also may have difficulties determining the best way to direct a call. This often leads to unnecessary after-hours callouts, which in turn leads to unnecessary overtime.

Daupler Dispatch provides a simple way to capture information from callers. It then analyzes that information, looking for key words that indicate the type and source of the issue. This removes the burden of analysis from the call taker, reducing the time they need to spend on each call.

It also detects duplicates, preventing call takers from dispatching the same incident while still documenting the information. City emergency teams and other internal team members can also view incidents that have been reported, helping them determine if they’ve come across something new versus a known issue.

“We’ve heard from many of our clients and others in the industry how hard it can be to decipher the true issue a customer is trying to report. We wanted to remove some of that burden from the call taker,” said Daupler CEO, John Bertrand, PE. “We think this solution will not only help call center and dispatch teams, it will also get better data to the operations crews that end up with the service requests.”

To learn more about Daupler Dispatch, contact one of our solutions experts at question@daupler.com.

About Daupler

Daupler is the company behind Daupler RMS, the response management platform used by over 100 cities across North America. Daupler helps utilities, public works, and other service organizations coordinate and document response efforts while reducing workload and collecting insights into response operations. Learn more at daupler.com.

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