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Advancements in mass notifications for utilities

May 19, 2023


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Mass notifications have come a long way from the old-fashioned door-to-door / door hanger approach (although, we do know there are utilities that still rely on this method). Even with more advanced systems, there are several challenges utilities encounter when attempting to notify the right customers about an event that affects or interrupts water, sewer, electric, or gas service. Fortunately, new technology addresses these challenges. We've listed some common issues and potential solutions below.

Delivering the right message

Customer expect clear and concise information. Anything less can drive calls to your call takers and create customer dissatisfaction.

Ensure your message is correct before sending by using templates that are easy to update. Advanced notification systems will also allow you to set up an approval process to route messages through appropriate checks before the message is sent.

Utilities can configure Daupler Notify to incorporate as many approval steps as they'd like. This ensures not only that the wording is correct, but that messages aren't sent out accidentally.

Delivering the message to the right people

There are two factors in this challenge: 1) Ensuring you are targeting the right people and 2) Ensuring they receive the message.

Daupler Notify allows you to select recipients based on region, pressure zone, district, or hand-drawn boundaries.

It then delivers your message based on number - voice messages are delivered to landline numbers and text messages are delivered to mobile numbers.

It verifies delivery and notifies the appropriate person of any messages that failed to go through.

Delivering the message to the right people quickly

It can take time to identify an issue and estimate a response time. That time translates to delays in communicating with customers.

Combining a notification system with a response management system facilitates faster communications to customers. Daupler RMS, our response management system, analyzes incoming data to provide utilities with a better understanding of root causes and resources required. That information helps inform details customers care about, such as location and resolution times.

Receiving critical information back from customers

Customers often have information that can be helpful to responding crews. Some will call in to offer that information, but many won't. If they do call, they are limited to shairng verbal descriptions that may fail to convey the right details.

With advanced notification systems, customers can respond to a notification with additional information in the form of text or photos. Multi-modal AI can scan incoming information to alert stakeholders of critical updates that can help them respond faster.

If you'd like to learn more about how Daupler Notify can streamline notifications for your utility or public works organization, let us know! Give us a call at 888-201-5652 or fill out our demo form.

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