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Building customer trust builds dividends

March 8, 2022


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When an issue occurs, customers expect reliable communication with service providers. Customers share critical data to inform response efforts, and they want to know what is being done as an event unfolds.

Customer engagement can make all the difference when coordinating response activities. A photo can potentially offer better information to service providers, compared to a verbal description from customers who are unfamiliar with industry terminology. Citizens can add or update information without requiring a representative to enter data, freeing up staff resources to prioritize response support.

Instead of leaving customers wondering what will happen after making a report, Daupler Engage sends customers a link to their incident report, including detailed contact information for the individual responding to the incident. This enables customers to track the progress of their incident with ease, and it reduces the potential for imposter scams because a customer knows who to expect and when they will arrive. AI technology also identifies related events and reports, so organizations can automate messages about a known incident and give customers the ability to opt-in for updates until the issue is resolved.

Daupler’s user-friendly communications platform also translates to positive customer feedback. When it is easy to provide information and receive updates, customers feel more confident in their service organization. Instead of only communicating when they are frustrated and upset, customers remain connected as the service provider uses their incident report to quickly address a disruption or emergency. This engagement promotes customer buy-in and has a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Investing in customer engagement today offers an exponential return for future event management scenarios. Increasing the number of engaged, informed and well-connected customers over time improves an organization’s ability to communicate quickly and respond efficiently in the long-term. Learn more about Daupler’s customer engagement capabilities at Daupler.com.  

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