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Simplifying contractor management with response management systems

November 16, 2023


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Managing internal staff can be difficult enough, but introducing contractors creates additional challenges. There are a multitude of reasons why contractors might be necessary to the operation of a utility. They may supplement after hours response, fill in skill-gaps, or even replace entire crews. How can a response management system (RMS) help manage these different needs?  

Dispatch after hours  

  • Contractor staff can change without notice, Using an RMS for contractor management allows contractors to update their own schedules, update call trees, and edit phone numbers.
  • You can automate outreach to contractors just as you would your own staff – particularly handy when trying to get a response at 3 a.m.

Ensure procedural adherence  

  • An RMS helps contractors follow a utility’s standard operating procedures through simple user interfaces that guide them through response processes.  
  • An RMS also ensures information is transferred to necessary work order or other systems as work is completed, without needing to create accounts for ever-changing contractors, or worry about who has access to your systems.

Check quality  

  • Contractors can upload photos and add notes so you can review their work remotely and maintain documentation of work completed in one system. You can also integrate your RMS with your work order system if you prefer that as the system of record.
  • Get alerts when crews are dispatched, track how long they’re on the scene, and request photo verification of the problem, all from the comfort of your own home.  

Adopting a Response Management System eases the complexities of managing both in-house staff and contractors. From simplifying after-hours dispatch to ensuring procedural adherence and facilitating remote quality checks, RMS enhances overall efficiency, transforming challenges into opportunities for improved collaboration and accountability in your operations.

For more information on what an RMS can do for your utility, call 888.201.5652 or email question@daupler.com

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