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The mobile conundrum

August 2, 2022


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Some utility customers will never convert to paying their bills online, and others will never open a paper bill again. How can public service providers strike the right balance of meeting customers where they are, while making it easier to provide reliable and quality services? This question is particularly important during service interruptions. Daupler Engage helps organizations walk this fine line when responding to emergencies and service requests.

Although mobile app usage has increased in recent years, use of government and public utilities apps is not ubiquitous. For service providers hoping to improve communication during service incidents, the reality is that customers are not likely to download an app during the height of an emergency, such as a water main break or power outage.  

On the other hand, an overwhelming number of consumers do business and get information almost exclusively on their mobile devices. These consumers expect quick and easy access to their service providers. This leads to a conundrum for service organizations.

Daupler Engage offers the best of both worlds. With a mobile-friendly interface from any web browser, Daupler makes it easy for customers to communicate during incidents without the use of an app. Citizens can upload photos and track response efforts with the click of a button from a mobile phone or computer.

Daupler’s response management system, Daupler RMS, also uses artificial intelligence to translate customer reported information into actionable insights. Compared to less sophisticated public reporting applications, Daupler dramatically enhances accurate data collection by automatically identifying related reports and correctly categorizing information that might otherwise be mistaken for a separate event.

Daupler’s Event Detection feature also enables organizations to automate messages about a known incident and give customers the ability to opt-in for updates until the issue is resolved. This means less staff time is spent on the phone, and response teams can reliably collect information required to prepare and act quickly.

Consumers are increasingly indicating a preference for texts versus calls from businesses, and opt-in rates for existing Daupler customers overwhelmingly demonstrate the success of this engagement strategy. With Daupler solutions, utilities, public works, and other service organizations can enhance customer engagement while improving response efficiency.

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