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The role of artificial intelligence in event detection

June 13, 2022


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Daupler’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology offers significant value to organizations responsible for managing infrastructure networks and customer service areas. This article focuses on how AI is leveraged to provide event detection capabilities to our customers. If you missed our article on AI basics in response management, read it here.

As described in the AI Basics article, AI technology mimics human behavior by recognizing patterns and gaining insights based on instructional algorithms. It offers the ability to analyze and interpret large quantities of information much more accurately and efficiently than a human or even a team of humans.

Daupler’s event detection technology leverages the ability of AI to quickly evaluate data inputs, recognize patterns and take prescribed actions during issues, such as a water main break or power outage, that impact multiple people. The speed with which Daupler AI can process data is particularly important during events that generate a lot of alerts and reports in a short period of time.

During an event, response teams often get inundated withcalls and alarms. As they document a high volume of calls and manage incoming system reports, manual processes do not allow for efficient consolidation of related event information. Daupler’s Event Detection feature recognizes relationships and patterns in customer reports or system notifications. The software can then group related reports under the same event, reducing duplicate work orders and additional callouts. This empowers staff to focus on response activity and also streamlines communications with stakeholders.

Thanks to the underpinning AI technology, Event Detection drives major efficiency gains by helping organizations optimize incident response through improved call management, response coordination, customer communication, and elimination of unnecessary event documentation.

Learn more about Daupler Event Detection.

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