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Using response management for solid waste collections

September 26, 2023


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Response management isn’t just for water or electric issues. There are many other ways response management helps companies and municipalities enhance their customer or citizen experience. Here, we take a quick look at response management and solid waste collections.

Residential waste service providers strive to provide dependable service. Customers today have high expectations around consistency and communications. Response management can streamline complaint management while increasing transparency. It works with existing waste management software to make collections even more efficient.

One key feature of Daupler's response management system is the ability for customers to upload photos and notes. Customers also often misunderstand or forget the rules that can affect their trash collections service.  While some missed pickups may need to be addressed, sometimes the customer simply needs a little education. Photos can help providers know when that's the case. A couple of examples:

Bin obstruction

A customer uploaded a photo of their obstructed bin, complaining it hadn’t been collected. Staff could quickly reply with the reason for the missed collection and schedule a later pickup when the debris had been cleared.

Bulky item pickup

When a customer requested a bulky item pickup from their city and uploaded a photo of the items, the city could see the construction debris items were not eligible for pickup and promptly informed the customer to make other arrangements.

Response management can also help waste collections providers by reducing the volume of calls received, consolidating requests into an easy-to-use interface that simplifies tracking, and highlighting recurring issues to be proactively addressed.  

Learn more about Daupler’s solutions for waste management at WasteCon this week (booth 1022)!

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