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Public works call and dispatch management

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Accelerate handoffs
Daupler Dispatch Assist helps prevent PSAP lines from being tied up with non-emergency calls such as utilities locates. Once call takers enter information in the intuitive form, Daupler's response management system uses AI plus notification and escalation protocols saved in the software to enable dispatch.
Simplify processes
It can be challenging to stay on top of contacts and processes across multiple jurisdictions and public works and utilities response teams. With Daupler's software, contacts and response protocols are directly integrated into the system.
Improve information sharing
If the utility or public works organization also uses Daupler's response management system, dispatchers can see up-to-date information related to reported incidents. This eliminates the need for dispatch center staff to conduct research when callers request updates.
Meet performance expectations
Equipping dispatch teams to manage public works and utilities calls more efficiently helps them meet time-to-answer and other goals. Daupler's software can also help new team members achieve performance goals more quickly by making it easier to learn and follow dispatch protocols.

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PSAPs and other dispatch centers use Daupler to solve pain points associated with non public-safety calls, including 311 and 811 requests.

Expedite 311 handoffs

Public safety access points (PSAPs) and dispatch centers are often required to maintain high service levels. This can be challenging when non-emergency calls require significant bandwidth. Daupler helps teams hand off public works and utilities calls faster to ensure capacity for emergency call management.

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Empower customer service

Provide tools to help customer service staff capture and relay pertinent information when response times matter most. Embedded operating procedures help elevate performance and increase team and customer satisfaction.

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Notify customers

Efficiently send mass notifications via text, email, or phone. Daupler's flat fee pricing structure lets you send critical information to customers without worrying about high bills.

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Drive customer engagement

With Daupler Engage, customers can submit photos and notes to better inform response teams. They can also track the progress of service requests or incidents online, minimizing unnecessary callbacks.

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“We know exactly what is going on and when. Daupler has been saving us a good amount of money, … even preventing illegitimate calls to eliminate false overtime hours. The crew picked up on how to use Daupler and what Daupler does quickly; making it an efficient process with good explanations. ”

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