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Simplify work with one system for emergencies and work orders

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If you're short-staffed, have large territory to cover, and/or are struggling to stay on top of maintenance and emergencies, let's chat. Daupler RMS might be a great fit for you and your crew.

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Reduce direct after-hours calls
Many rural water utility leaders receive direct calls after-hours, sometimes for issues that can wait until the next business day. Let Daupler manage those evening, weekend, and holiday calls. We'll send on only those issues that need immediate attention.
Simplify documentation
Document all emergencies, service requests, and work orders in one system, or integrate with an existing work order system. Either way, all your work info will be in one place.
Pay for what you need
Daupler offers flexible and affordable plans. Select the features or services that provide the most value for your organization and customers. There is no need to pay for features your organization will not use.


An all-in-one
dispatch solution

Learn how Daupler RMS provides a single solution to manage work orders and emergencies.

Related Goals

How can you help your community?

Many smaller organizations use Daupler to give on-call personnel a break after-hours and to make data management more efficient.

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Manage after-hours calls

After-hours calls can mean the on-call person in smaller organizations and communities never gets to truly disconnect. Daupler’s call centers can take these calls, send on the ones that need immediate attention, and document the rest for the next day.

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Notify customers

Efficiently send notifications to your customers via text, email, or phone. Daupler's flat fee pricing lets you send critical information to customers without worrying about high bills.

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Drive customer engagement

With Daupler Engage, customers can submit photos and notes to better inform your team. They can also track the progress of service requests or incidents, minimizing unnecessary callbacks.

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“I didn't realize how much I needed this program. I was hesitant spending money on a service that I thought I could do myself. But Daupler is so worth it. The system is convenient, provides immediate notifications, and it's easy to install. They really stepped up, got this implemented, and it has really helped our district succeed with our small staff.”

Learn more about our solutions

We know the last thing you need is something over-engineered or over-priced for your needs. Schedule a time to talk so we can understand your specific pain points and how Daupler might work for your organization.

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