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Streamlining utility locates

July 11, 2023


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Streamlining utility locates

Utility locates are crucial for preventing delays, damages, and even death, for workers and homeowners. Timely locates are required to keep projects on track. With the increase in underground infrastructure and construction projects, the demand for locates has increased exponentially. Meanwhile, utilities continue to struggle to maintain fully staffed teams that can handle the workload.

We have two examples of how utilities have used Daupler’s tools to streamline their locate service.

Pleasant View Water & Sanitation District (PVWSD)

PVWSD tried a variety of dispatch processes, including voicemails, emails, and a traditional call center. None of these met their service level requirements. In 2021, they implemented Daupler RMS to categorize incoming requests and dispatch accordingly via text and call. This reduced the number of unnecessary calls dispatched after hours and provided better information about each locate. With Daupler RMS, most requests to PVWSD are acknowledged within two minutes.

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Ottawa Water & Electric

One of Ottawa Water & Electric’s biggest challenges related to utility locates is that the request would be routed to the wrong person. A second challenge, crucial when resources and time are limited, was in workload planning. With Daupler RMS, calls are transferred correctly, and the information included on the locates helps the GIS specialist plan his route efficiently.

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